East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad


New Paint

The Office Gets a Makeover


With holes patched and sanded, the drop cloths came out and the office was repainted the same Navajo White. 25 years ago Navajo White was a popular warm white. The current Navajo White is not the same hue. I had to specify that I wanted the "classic" version. I brought a can of the old paint with me to the store, which may have been older than the clerk who mixed the paint.


The new paint appears to be a good match to the old Navajo White still on the walls of the layout room.

Callaghan's Crossing - Display

The second module I am building as my participation in the James River Division On30 Module Group is half-sized, which is 4 ft. long by 1 ft. wide. This module is very light and easy to transport.

Besides being set up at Module Meets, I plan to use it as a diorama for photography. For these photos, I sat the module on the benchwork of my layout to take advantage of the backdrop.

There is room on the module for a short train to be displayed, which will allow me to take it to model railroad gatherings and use it as a display diorama for my models.

Building modules is a great way to gain experience at model railroad construction quickly. Regular work sessions allow the members of the module group to share techniques and troubleshoot one another’s problems.