East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad


Cow Field Module - 2

I knew if I was going to have cattle on my module, I would need to build a fence.

I used HO scale Campbell crossties as fenceposts, stained in much the same way I stained the crossties I used to handlay track on my layout.

To represent a wire fence, I spray painted bridal tulle with rust colored primer. Then I attached it to the fenceposts with white glue, using styrene strips to prevent the clamps from being glued to the fenceposts as well.

The corners of the fence were reinforced with diagonal braces, and I knocked together a gate for the corner nearest the road.

With the fence up I could safely release my cattle on the module.

The tractor received a very heavy coat of rottenstone and Rustall to beat back the bright green enamel paint and yellow plastic wheels.

The track worker turned farmer made a nice focal point on the corner of the module with his ancient tractor and his dog.