East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Module Mill-1

I built my module mill a few years ago, knocking it together in time for the MER Convention at Hagerstown. Now that I had been reflecting on its unfinished state for a few years, I had an idea of how I wanted to continue with construction.

The second phase of mill construction began with exploring ideas for making the roof more interesting. I built a cupola for the middle roof, and considered the possibility of running pipes between it and the other two sections.

The lack of any graphics identifying the nature of the work being done at the mill prompted me to have stencils cut by Kingmill Enterprises. When Chris looked at my file, he asked if I really wanted such large lettering. The idea of a very big sign painted on the mill appealed to me.

I spray painted a large field of dark gray on the front of the mill. Once dry, I placed the stencil over the dark gray and quickly spray painted the lettering in place using light gray primer.

The plan was to use the lightly sprayed lettering as a guide for hand painting the sign, but I needed a little help keeping my hand lettering neat enough, so the stencil was placed again, this time with styrene strips holding it slightly off the wall. I hand painted the letters through the stencil.

The touched-up white letters looked rather stark and huge on the side of the mill. I could see the need for some serious weathering.

Module Garage - 2

I painted the garage using craft acrylic paints.

Once the paint was dry, I quickly highlighted all board and panel edges with a light gray watercolor pencil.

I gave the garage a wash of Age-It-Easy, which accented the texture in the siding, and caused a chalking effect of white paint being pulled down over the green. I brushed a very thin wash of dust colored acrylic paint around the bottom of all the walls and doors. Then I “repainted” the white areas of the siding with a white watercolor pencil, and redid the edge highlighting.

I cut the metal roofing into scale 2 by 4 foot pieces. I used silicon caulk to install the roofing. I quickly became aware that I did not make enough roofing, so I had to make more, trying to match what I had done previously.

At this point the garage was presentable, so I moved on to other things. But I plan to come back and add details and signs to the garage at some point in the future.