East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

October 2007

Cove Quarry roughed in

I painted a base coat on the backdrop for Cove Quarry. The tree base is a straw yellow, and the quarry base is a dirty gray green. Once the base coat was dry, I applied a clear coat of acrylic gel medium. This will make subsequent layers of paint easier to work with and correct.

"Blocking in" the shapes and shadows of the trees, and defining the quarry. The paint is brushed on with a 1 inch wide brush. Before it starts to dry, I spray it with water, and then pat it with a sea sponge. This breaks up the brush strokes and creates a coarse textured, translucent layer of paint.

More layers of color for the trees and the quarry. Will I be able to create the illusion that the quarry extends back into the scene?

Backdrop revisions-Cove Quarry

The removal of the track running along the wall and under the scenery at Apex has changed my plans for the scenery in that area. Some of these changes include the backdrop.

I am now planning on loading stone on a track in the corner of the layout where I originally had planned to put a garage. There is no room to model a quarry to provide the cut stone, so I am going to try to render the quarry on the backdrop, with just a stone pile immediately adjacent to the spur actually being modelled.

I added a strip of Masonite to the bottom of the backdrop in the corner in order to extend the rendering of Cove Quarry down closer to track level.

I then Gessoed over the part of the backdrop that will become the new Cove Quarry scene.

I sketched in an idea for the basic location of the quarry, but my initial impression is that the quarry should stay lower in the scene, and the "new hillside" needs to be extended to the left.

These backdrop revisions come at a good time, as I have to give a clinic on backdrop painting at the MER convention in a few weeks. These revisions will give me a little practice before showtime arrives.