East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Crossties and Ballast

Kappler Ties are glued and clamped down to the Homasote roadbed at Glade Junction

Then I rubbed the ties and roadbed down with Olympia Ebony stain.

Once dry, I sanded almost all the stain off the tops of the ties, vacuumed up the dust, then restained the ties with a mix of Olympia pickled white and Floquil Driftwood.

Next came ballast. I mixed up a quart of ballast using ancient Life-Like limestone ballast as a base. (Bought at Bob's Hobby Center on Cary Street for 85 cents back in the early 70's). The ballast was spooned onto the roadbed, then foam brushed into place. I soaked it with rubbing alcohol, then used a turkey baster to dribble on a mixture of water and white glue.

I am not happy with the look of the ballast. It has a strong blue/white cast that doesn't have the weathered and old look I want.