East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

A Caboose for the Quarry Job-4

The Quarry Job caboose found its way back to the workbench for revisions. I did not like how high the caboose rode on its trucks.

Bachmann makes a Low Frame arch bar truck with 22 inch wheels. Using these trucks on the caboose brought it down to a level that looked much better to me. In order to use the low frame trucks, I had to make some minor revisions to the frame and coupler pockets. Cross members of the frame were notched to clear the wheels, and the stock coupler pocket was cut even with the bottom of the end sill. Kadee coupler pockets were glued in place.

With these adjustments, the new coupler height was perfect using the low frame trucks.

I repainted the caboose, easing up on the weathering a bit, and mixing some warm brown with the Roundel Red to reduce the brightness and reduce the purple/pink cast.

I am much happier with the color of the car, and like it rides down closer to the rails.