East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Turnouts on a Curve

The crossties in the Cove area of my layout are Kappler 6 foot, and 6 foot 6 inch ties mixed

Five turnouts had to be built in order to get the track through the curve. Most of the turnouts are curved themselves, which complicated the placement of crossties.

Ties had to be custom cut and angled to carry the track along the curve.

The sets of crossties were then glued down in position.

Once all the crossties were glued and dry, I stained them with Olympia Ebony stain. After letting them sit overnight, I sanded almost all the ebony stain off the tops of the ties.

Once sanded, I stained the tops of the crossties gray using a random combination of Driftwood and Micro Mark's wood graying potion.

I then ballasted the roadbed. I used Gene Browning's Pecos and Brazos O scale limestone ballast, with some sifted sand and road dirt from my neighborhood streets mixed in. Gene's ballast is very clean and uniform. When I went to his house to pick up my order, I got to run trains on his layout. Great customer service!

The dust mill siding turnout before -

and after -

staining the ties and ballasting the roadbed.

Arkansas Railroad Supply

As trackwork progresses, I am spending more time thinking about the operation of the layout. This will require more rolling stock than I currently have on hand.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to purchase some models from Bill Davis. Bill is an outstanding modeler whose work is often associated with Tom Yorke Studios. I purchased this Porter Diesel model from Bill.

It is a Tom Yorke resin kit built on a Bachmann Trolley power truck. Bill did an incredible job of detailing and finishing this model.

I purchased one of these kits myself along with a Trolley donor, but have not started on it yet. I will be using Bill's model as a reference.

I also picked up this little flatcar from Bill. It is the first in a large fleet of flatcars that will be hauling stone on the East Blue Ridge.