East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

June 2012

Back Scenery Profile

The support posts for the back profile installed, I brought large pieces of cardstock home from work.

These big cardstock panels are used in the packaging of material we use. We recycle enough of this cardstock in one day to provide more material than I could ever find use for on my layout. I duct taped panels together to make 8 foot templates and positioned them on the support posts.

I used shears to cut the cardstock, creating templates for the back scenery profile.

The cardstock templates were used to cut Masonite scenery profiles, which were screwed to the support posts.

Then I cut the cardstock into strips about one to two inches wide.

The strips were hot glued to the Masonite and each other to form a lattice support for the scenery.