East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

June 2009

Work Caboose - 4

After testing the fit of all the pieces, the flatcar and cabin received their initiation. I sprayed them with matte fixative, and while they were still wet I dumped them in a box of soapstone dust and rottenstone.

I throughly coated the car parts with dirt, and let them sit long enough for the fixative to dry. Then I cleaned the parts with a cheap 1 inch paint brush, removing all the loose dirt.

The parts then got brush painted with rust details, and received several earth tone and ink washes. I glazed the window with acrylic.

I cut a square of leftover roofing and sprayed it lightly with red oxide primer to make it look like cheap tin flashing, and used it for the smokejack.

Brass wire was used for grabirons and the brakestem. Trucks and couplers were highlighted and installed.

Lead weight on the floor in the cabin lowered the center of gravity of the car and make it less prone to tip and rock. The crate and old tires are an HO scale flatcar load.

The work caboose is ready for service on the P&EBR.

Work Caboose Construction - 3

Once the roof was warped, I decked it with stripwood, shot it with gray primer, then brush painted gray and earth tone stains on the individual boards.

Then I sprayed kraft paper on both sides with black primer. I cut the paper into strips about 3 scale feet wide, then trimmed pieces to paper the roof.

I sanded all the cut edges off the pieces of kraft paper, and glued them to the roof with matte medium.

I brush painted the cabin for the work caboose Rondel Red, with a little gray mixed in toward the bottom of the siding. I sprayed the interior of the cabin and the floor black. I brush painted gray and earth tone stains on the individual deck and sideboards of the car.

I wanted the lettering on the car to be simple, and to appear to be done by hand. I used a stencil set made for me by Chris Jessee at KingMill Enterprises to paint the number on the car.

Here are the various parts of the car loosely fitted; the roof is sitting on the cabin, the cabin is sitting on the car, and the car is just sitting on the trucks.