East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Easing into it

Determined to resume ongoing construction on my layout, I started off small.

I built this On18 Grandt Line mine car in time to include it on my module at the Greenberg Show in Richmond.

I plan to build a few On18 cars and a static locomotive to display on the short stretch of 18 inch gauge track on my James River Slate Module.

One of the items I bought at the Greenberg Show was this nice Backwoods Miniature Whitcomb shell. I bought it on speculation that I would be able to use my old HO scale Walthers SW-1 as a donor drive mechanism ... no such luck. The search for a donor continues.

I purchased a pair of flatcars a while back that I know very little about. If they were built from kits, I don’t recognize the manufacturer. While they look great, they did not track well.

The tracking problem was due to these unusual trucks. Their design allowed the sideframes to swivel on the ends of the bolsters. This
provided a rather sloppy approximation of equalization. I doubt if the wheelsets were the originals that came with the trucks, which didn’t help. The best way to provide rigidity to the sideframes would have been to add outboard brake beams, but I was not in the mood to figure out how to do that. Instead, I used gap filling CA glue to bond the sideframes to the bolsters ... problem solved. The flatcars are now in the paint shop for lettering and weathering.