East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Start the Year Laying Track

It was last April when circumstances conspired against laying track on my layout. The delay gave me time to rethink the trackplan, and I think the modifications are a big improvement.

But now, 8 months later, I am again in my gandy togs to line some rail. The first order of business was to pull an extension to the power bus under the roadbed from Cove Quarry to Glade junction around the peninsula.

I am using stationary decoders to control my turnouts, so the power bus will be running both the track and the Tortoise switch machines.

At Meridian Quarry, I installed the Tortoise switch machine before I installed the turnout. I find it easier to slide the turnout around on the roadbed to make slight adjustments than to try to mount the switch machine precisely. I use a toy DC transformer with built-in rheostat and reversing switch to test the switch machine during installation.

Once I was happy with the operation of the switch machine, I dropped the Fast Track turnout onto it, adjusting it so center position on the switch machine centered the points of the turnout. Then I tacked the turnout in position with a few track spikes.

Rail is being spiked down on the Meridian quarry spur and Glade Junction wye.