East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

February 2014

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Work resumes on the hills I started along the back wall.

The work began with a little demolition. I had looked at the large section of rocks I had cast on a steep hillside for a long time. During that time I had been more observant of rock outcroppings along the Rockfish and Tye Rivers. Cursed with the knowledge of what those rocks really look like, I popped almost all the rock castings off the hillside and made repairs with an additional layer of plaster cloth.

Then I used an old 2 inch brush to apply a layer of
Gypsolite over all the plaster cloth.

The Gypsolite adds a coarse texture to the sub scenery and kills the stark white of the plaster cloth. It is now much easier to see the contours in the scenery and visualize how to proceed.

The rock castings had come off the hillside in large, reusable pieces. I am test fitting some of the pieces along the creek beds and cuts.