East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

February 2012

Mill Module - 3

I decided to add a ModelTech Studios rooftop dust collector to the roof of my slate mill.

I reinforced the framing with square styrene corner posts. I drilled two of the four styrene corner posts for cleats to secure the frame to the mill roof.

The rooftop dust collector, along with a styrene tube smokestack and HO scale cyclone vent, got the usual rust treatment.

An alcohol & ink wash and a thin wash of white acrylic later, the vents and smokestack were ready to go on the mill. The added details have brought my slate mill up to a new plateau of incompletion. It still needs a lot of trim and detail work, as well as some 18 inch gauge rolling stock parked on the unloading track.

To add some detail to the garage I painted and weathered a resin casting from Rusty Rails. The casting was countersunk into the scenery and secured in place with silicon caulk. I used spackling compound to repair the ground around the casting, then coated the surrounding area with ground cover.

I filled up the empty lot beside the garage with underbrush, and built one tall tree from a sagebrush armature.

This is the state of completion my mill module had reached when I took it to the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, North Carolina.