East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

A Caboose for the Quarry Job - 3

I cleaned the dust off the body of the caboose with a stiff brush and a can of compressed air.

I used an Xacto #11 blade to scribe open the gaps between the individual siding boards, then applied an alcohol and ink wash. I painted the metal railings with Polly S Rust and Grimy Black. The truck frames were highlighted with a rust colored pencil.

I am generally not satisfied with how the caboose turned out. The Roundel Red strikes me as being too bright pink. The dust weathering I used is not very controllable, and came out too blotchy and uneven, as well as being too heavy overall.

I do not like how high the car rides, which is I did not notice before. So this caboose will eventually come back to the shop for more work.