East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Backing into Piedmont

Laying track in Piedmont started out neat enough.

The turnout at the far right was built in place. The other two turnouts were built in Fast Track jigs, then spiked in place. I installed the Tortoise switch machines while the turnout positions could still be adjusted.

The white cardboard inserts between the benchwork joists kept ballast from falling down into the cabinet underneath. But the cardboard had to go when I started pulling Loconet cable and dropping feeders to the buss wires. Consequently, much of what was in the cabinet had to be pulled out, and what remained got a good shower of ballast and sawdust.

Try as I might to keep the office clean, it soon degenerated into a typical construction zone with tools and parts everywhere.

Entry into Piedmont is currently only possible from the hidden track bypassing Shops Yard.

The second boxcar is on a section of roadbed that will be cut out for a bridge.

Setting my office right again is going to take a while.