East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

December 2008

End the Year Laying Track

All this past summer, the end of the East Blue Ridge Railroad was at the first crossing of Buffalo Creek.

This winter, the track is being extended all the way up the hill and through Shops Yard.

The mainline crosses Buffalo Creek a second time, and then immediately enters the yard limits at Ariel Church. I built the two turnouts at the entrance to the yard, and cut Kappler switchties to fit.

Long hours have been spent hunched over the bench, assembling turnouts in Fast Tracks fixtures.

Cutting, bending, and filing rail, huffing solder smoke, and listening to long sets of John Fahey, Adrian Legg, and Laurence Juber.

The turnouts that form the opposite end of Shops Yard are built. Now I can "rough in" the alignment for the yard tracks.