East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

December 2006

Finally Presentable

The entire backdrop is now at least presentable, if not complete.

In a few weeks I have to give my backdrop painting clinic at the James River Division Meet.

I am also open for the Meet's layout tour. Just a backdrop ... no layout!

I cannot count on being able to paint anything in a hurry, in front of a crowd at my clinic. Hopefully, those interested in my backdrop painting techniques will drop by to see how mine turned out.

East Wall Complete

The point where the new painting and the old painting meet on the east wall backdrop is pretty obvious to me.

My sponge technique has become a little too regular, making the foliage look like rounded blobs of leaves. I don't think it is worth doing over, as most of it will be behind 3-D scenery.

Ariel Church has ended up with an odd shaped ridge behind it, but I like it. The bluff seems to imply the area is underlain with a rock shelf that has eroded.

A meadow stretches up the hillside from town. I am not inclined to try to render either the fence row along the woodline, or cows in the field.

Once past the cove in the corner, the hill sloping down to the road still needs a lot of work. I do not like the uniformity of the profile of the trees. A patch or two of taller trees needs to go here.