East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

April 2013

A Combine for the Winwood Mixed - 1

The Winwood Mixed trains on my layout are the “bookends” of the operating cycle. The Morning Mixed starts the session off by gathering up westbound freight and commuting soapstone workers down by the river at Winwood, then making the run up to the company offices and depot at Piedmont Mill. At the end of the session, an afternoon Mixed train originates at Piedmont and rolls back to Winwood, hauling workers back home and loads to the transfer with the Chesapeake & Ohio.

I decided to use the
Bachmann Side Door Caboose as the starting point for my combine. This is a very nice model, with interior detail, opening doors, and plenty of weight for reliable tracking.

I disassembled the caboose and removed the cupola from the roof. I cut a sheet of scribed styrene and glued it to the roof to cover the hole where the cupola had been.

I painted the roof and underframe of the combine dark gray. After all the problems I had coming up with a satisfactory red for the Quarry Job caboose, there was no way I was painting the combine red. I settled on a dark blue green.

I applied decals and put the combine in service to look at it for awhile and decide how to proceed with the roof.