East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Cow Field Module - 2

I knew if I was going to have cattle on my module, I would need to build a fence.

I used HO scale Campbell crossties as fenceposts, stained in much the same way I stained the crossties I used to handlay track on my layout.

To represent a wire fence, I spray painted bridal tulle with rust colored primer. Then I attached it to the fenceposts with white glue, using styrene strips to prevent the clamps from being glued to the fenceposts as well.

The corners of the fence were reinforced with diagonal braces, and I knocked together a gate for the corner nearest the road.

With the fence up I could safely release my cattle on the module.

The tractor received a very heavy coat of rottenstone and Rustall to beat back the bright green enamel paint and yellow plastic wheels.

The track worker turned farmer made a nice focal point on the corner of the module with his ancient tractor and his dog.

Cow Field Module - 1

Once my mill module had progressed to a presentable state, I turned my attention to work on the cow field module.

This module is only one foot wide, compared to the two foot wide mill module. The theme for this module is a simple rural setting for the train to run along a rocky hillside. I started the scenery years ago ... a “once over” of rock castings, coarse turf, stag moss, and a grout dirt road. It was high time to move beyond this point.

Small trees and underbrush were constructed from bits of
Super Trees. Foliage was applied with spray adhesive. Bright green foliage and turf were added to bring the color range of my module scenery more in line with the colors used by other members of the JRD On30 Module Group.

Super Tree material was added to a sagebrush armature to create one large tree for the hillside above the tracks and cow field.

Even with the addition of a lot of foliage, my module still looked empty. I decided it needed a few points of interest to help compose the scene. A diecast tractor, some
Woodland Scenic cows and a figure out of a gandy dancer set were chosen to populate the cow field. They all received a heavy spray of Dullcote lacquer and a rottenstone bath.