East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

April 2010

Open for operation

The last section of track to be completed on the layout was complex, at least for me. I wanted to build it last so I would have plenty of experience going in.

A jungle of electrical connections were created under the roadbed. Hundreds of spikes were driven. There were mysterious problems with the stationary decoders.

The last section of track to be powered up was the scale track at the Ariel Church end.

Finally, the work train was pushed up into the town track and unloaded. The trackwork is done!

With wooden blocks filling in for soapstone boulders, the first stone train leaves Meridian Quarry.

The train swings around past the future location of the dust mill.

Rocking over the switches at Cove Quarry.

Up the long grade toward Ariel Church.

Past the Ariel Church town site.

At the yard, the Plymouth locomotive cuts off and runs into the locomotive service track.

The Mill Job pushes the loaded flats past the end of the yard.

The future site of Piedmont Mill, where an overhead crane will lift the soapstone boulders off the flatcars.