East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Rails to Schuyler - The Mill

Even though the old Virginia Alberene Soapstone mill looked abandoned and run-down, the main assembly mill was still in use.

Consequently it was securely closed and locked, and I did not make any serious attempt to get inside to look around. The only part of the main building easily accessible was through the carpentry shop.

The rails and walkway allowed heavy loads of lumber to be rolled into the shop. The I-beams hold the walkway up above Ivy Creek, which runs directly adjacent to and under the buildings at this point.

Walking down the walkway and into the dark mill, two carts were in the shop. One was partially loaded with lumber.

There were no carpentry tools in the shop. The place appeared to have been cleared out for use as a warehouse.

Pallets of machinery were scattered around under the skylights.

A large inventory of pipe and pipe fittings were in the mill. I was not sure at the time whether the owner of the building might be leasing space, or if this pipe had something to do with quarrying and cutting soapstone.