East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

November 2013

Working Quarry Photos - 1

My field trips to soapstone country normally include visits to quarry sites that have long been abandoned. Alberene Soapstone has a few active quarries, but they are not extracting stone the same way it was done 75 years ago. Quiet, flooded quarries have their own appeal, but they are far removed from an active industrial scene that would provide detailed modeling information.

When local model railroader Jack Brown found out that I was interested in modeling quarry scenes with steel guy derricks like the one
Doug Barry built for me, he sent me a page of Kodachrome slides he took in Ohio back in the 1980s.

Jack’s photos are of a small limestone quarry that used a steel guy derrick. The operation is small and straight forward.

A shovel was used to clear overburden and expose the stone.

A relatively small Euclid dump truck was used to haul away the overburden, and move broken stone to a dump pile.

A stone channeler, short stretch of track, air compressor, and tool box sit on the edge of the quarry.