East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

Rails to Schuyler - Boilerhouse

The boilerhouse was on the edge of the mill complex, hard against the bottom of a steep hill. Steam lines ran from it to the adjacent buildings.

The exterior of the main boilerhouse was soapstone. Even the tall smokestack was made of soapstone slabs.

This part of the boilerhouse was a composite of soapstone, corrugated metal, and cinder blocks. The cinder block wall surrounds a coal pile. Coal was delivered by rail car. There was a steep spur line that ran along the hillside behind the boilerhouse. Several rail cars could be pushed up the spur, with one positioned over an unloading trestle, and the brakes set. Once that car was emptied, the brakes would be released and the next car would roll onto the trestle for unloading.