East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

First power to rails

I built a small shelf under the narrowest point in the benchwork for my Digitrax DCS 100 and power supplies.

From here I strung a power bus and the LocoNet cable to the new Transfer Yard.

Track power and trains running in the Transfer Yard!

Transfer Yard

The Apex Quarry track along the wall is gone.

New subroadbed to carry the track through the wall to the Transfer Yard.

I painted the Homasote roadbed gloss black, and started test fitting the yard trackage on it.

Transfer Yard track in place. Can't wait to start knocking cars around!

Track realignment

I have revised my trackplan to eliminate a track with bad access.

The track running along the wall between the two holes is the one that will be relocated. The hole through the wall closest to the camera is new.

On the other side of the wall is the shelf for the new Transfer Yard. I traced the revised trackplan full sized on kraft paper and laid it in position to check fit.

Planning how the revisions will tie into the existing construction.

The kraft paper pattern was used to cut Homasote roadbed.