Winwood Backdrop - 2

Once the basic color and shadow areas had been applied and allowed to dry, I wet a Q-tip with alcohol and randomly rubbed through the paint.

The alcohol picked up the acrylic paint down to the protective isolation layer. The resultant light streak looks very much like a tree trunk, complete with faint bark detail. Very few tree trunks are required. I also added a few dark tree trunks and some branch detail with a fine brush.

That Winwood is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is supposed to be implied by a distant ridge above the treetops on the right end of the backdrop. The distant ridge also helps define how far away the water tower is.

At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to add a water tower to the backdrop. I rendered it with colored pencils and watercolor markers. It is fairly translucent so the backdrop coloring shows through, which helps make it look somewhat distant. The water tank provides a point for the eye to focus on, and it helps define Winwood as an old industrial site.

Once the shadowbox for Winwood was roughed in, I was able to test fit the backdrop in place, and trim the height to fit.