Planning for Talc - 1

A little construction progress to report

Ariel Church is developing along very different lines than my initial ideas for that section of the layout.


Ariel Church is where one of the continuous run connecting tracks ducks behind the scenery. My objective is to hide the ruse of the track disappearing in one place and reappearing somewhere else completely. This old photo shows that my early intentions for Ariel Church was to build a Rainetown-style diversionary town scene. Unfortunately, there is not enough space for a town scene.


My tour of the old Phoenix Stone Company property along the Tye River in Nelson County included a visit to a talc deposit. Eventually I made the connection between Ariel Church and the possibility of modeling a talc operation to provide a purpose for the Ariel Church town track, and help hide where the track extends behind the scenery. Toward that end, I am building a Backwoods Miniature kit for an 18 gauge critter.


Ted gave me some sections of Grandt Line On18 track, and I have been using them, along with Lego blocks and old boxes, to mock up a layout for the talc reloading operation at Ariel Church.


In order to determine how the talc bunker will fit over the Ariel Church Town Track siding, the base scenery needs to be built on both sides of the cut. Jeff came over and we knocked out the scenery support posts necessary to extend the base scenery from Ariel Church all the way around to the door.


The posts are being installed along the benchwork.