P&EBR Workflows: Hauling Fuel

Another routine task for the P&EBR Railroad to perform is hauling fuel. The soapstone operation would require both coal and oil fuels for day to day operation. Fuel handling is focused primarily on three areas; the fuel transfer track in Winwood, the Shops fueling facility, and the Boilerhouse of Piedmont Mill.

The red track in Winwood is where fuel is transferred to the P&EBR, which delivers it to the green tracks at Shops and Piedmont.

Coal and fuel oil are delivered by the Cheaspeake & Ohio to an elevated track in Winwood where the standard gauge cars are emptied. Narrow gauge cars are loaded on a lower, parallel track and the fuel is delivered to either Shops or Piedmont.

Coal is loaded into small, one bay hoppers for transport on the P&EBR. Oil is handled by a fleet of home built tank cars.

The pickup point for fuel is in Winwood. It is a visually and operationally interesting facility, which, unfortunately, I do not have space on my layout to model.

Winwood Fuel Transfer

A curved track running through a tight alley between Winwood Mill and the Transfer Warehouse represents the Fuel track. Empty hoppers and tank cars will be set out on this track, then picked up later as loads.

Shops Fuel Facility

Both coal and oil are delivered by the P&EBR to the fuel facility at Shops. Locomotives are fueled here, and trucks can be loaded here to deliver smaller quantities of coal or oil to outlying points.

Piedmont Mill Boilerhouse

While Shops takes delivery of both coal and oil, only coal is delivered to the Boilerhouse at Piedmont Mill. Coal is used to generate the steam which powers most of the machinery at the mill.

Delivering fuel requires the crew to make a pickup at Winwood, then determine from looking at their paperwork whether the load is to be set out at Shops Fuel Facility, or Piedmont Boilerhouse.