East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

August 2008

What Almost Happened

Dan George's Spring Creek Lumber Company HO scale layout | April 2005

July 10, 2004

I have started construction on the revised Dry Fork & Greenbrier by extending the staging yard shelf to accommodate a new yard.

The look of operations on the new plan is meant to appear very similar to the Buffalo Creek & Gauley. Consolidation steam locomotives would pull trains back and forth between the interchange at Hendricks and the coal mine at Blackfork. The trackage around the sawmill at Three Forks will be worked by Shays. The Consolidations can be turned at either end of the line, and the Shays would always run "good side" toward the aisle.

Trackplan "6D" is emailed out to several model railroading friends. Tom Sullivan responds that no (?) revisions would have to be made to the plan in order for it to be an On30 layout that would represent a West Virginia prototype like the Manns Creek Railroad.

I quickly review some On30 websites, and frankly like what I see, because On30 is often modeled in a way that is very close to my ideal that has driven this layout revision: short trains running on simple layouts. On30 appears to be where I am headed, and some of me is already there.

From "6D" to "7A"?