East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

The GP&C Remembered - IV

Sidewinders and Narrow Gauge

It is April again, and that means it is time to dig out some more photos of Dan George’s HO scale Spring Creek Lumber Company layout.

The SCL was abandoned and dismantled in April of 2005.

Trains on the GP&C were hauled by a fleet of nicely detailed and weathered geared steam locomotives.

All were DCC/sound equipped. It was a real treat to run trains with these beautiful engines.

Along the mainline headed out of Chadwick was a transfer point with a small narrow gauge logging operation.

Ellajo was where the Deer Creek Lumber Company’s 3 ft. gauge railroad came out of the woods. Logs were delivered to a circular sawmill.

Rough cut lumber from the sawmill was transferred to the G&PC at this loading dock.

Ellajo was crammed full of interesting little scenes and details.

The old shop building was surrounded by junk and encroaching brambles.

There was never much activity on the Deer Creek during my visits to the GP&C

It was apparent that the narrow gauge operation was not long for this world.