East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

GP&C - A new ideal

April 2, 2004

Dan George's Spring Creek Lumber Company HO scale layout | April 2005

Forced Timeout for model railroading due to work getting so busy. The Alleghany Alliance loses Tom Sullivan, so the regular operating sessions have stopped. Time away from the old routine is good. Absence makes the aggravations of layout construction fade away. My fondness grows for an abstract, removed Ideal for a model railroad, and that Ideal is


To develop a plan for a new layout from a starting point of a winding main line connecting two passing sidings.

Just a locomotive,

a few freight cars,

and a caboose.

Why get any more complex than that?

Sustained interest requires a little more than the bare minimum, but care should be taken to stay as close as possible to the Simple Ideal.