East of the Blue Ridge

Chronicles of an On30 quarry railroad

The G&PC Remembered

I was able to attend Clint Foster’s operating session last month. Many old friends were in attendance, including Dan George. Dan mentioned to me that it was the fifth year anniversary of my taking the last series of photograhs of his layout before it was dismantled. I am posting just a few of the photos here to mark that event.

Dan’s HO scale Greenbrier & Pocahontas Central was a beautiful layout. The Spring Creek Lumber Company in Chadwick, and the coal mine in Hominy Creek generated long trains hauled by geared steam in the rugged mountains of West Virginia. I really appreciated the accuracy and atmosphere of Dan’s modeling because I had traveled those mountains in search of signs from the old days of coal camps and log landings. The scenery on the upper level of the layout reminded me a great deal of the Cranberry Glades area ... high, windswept and mossy among the spruce groves.

Dan’s modeling showed the influence of other great modelers whose work he studied and whose kits he built. In turn, I would very much like for my modeling to reflect the influence of Dan George.