April 2017

Space for a Railroad

There is a large barn-like Quonset building on the grounds of the Quarry Gardens at Schuyler. Plans were made to convert it into a Visitor Center, and to make space inside for an O scale 2 rail model railroad.


I was surprised at how large an area the quarry folks were willing to allocate to the railroad display. About 30 feet along one wall, from the planned entry foyer all the way to the back wall, and about 10 feet deep.


Concept sketches and conversations with the architect designing the Visitor Center yielded a line of "shadowbox" style dioramas with a long, narrow utility closet behind the displays along the arching exterior wall.


There will be four displays, each a different season of the year, depicting scenes along the Nelson & Albemarle Railway. The right of way will wind through each of the scenes, then return to the beginning on a long shelf along the back of the closet.


During the early months of 2017 the Visitor Center began to take shape, changing from a cavernous utility building to a multi-use information center.


The framing of the Railroad Display is very substantial, making it the sturdiest model railroad benchwork I have ever seen.